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DRJ AGE CONTROL – Nutritional Needs Test includes:
  • Your Personal Nutritional Needs Test Results
  • Your Personal Nutritional Needs Report
  • The exclusive use of the DRJ Member Page:
    • List of foods rich in Vitamin B
    • List of foods rich in Antioxidants
    • Exercise recommendations based on your genotype
    • Recipes, specific nutritional recommendation
    • Calorie Counter and Glycemic Index
    • News and updates about the latest scientific advances
  • Updates, suggestions and much more
  • Valuable information on how to improve your lifestyle
Slow down oxidative stress and reduce the risk of adverse health based on your own DNA. Learn the healthful importance of Vitamin B and antioxidants


Imagine, you will be able to learn exactly the capacity of your body to absorb "B" Vitamin and antioxidants from your food intake and the tremendous impact it has on your capacity to metabolize and manage the oxidative stress of your body.

Research has concluded that Genetics reflecting suboptimal "B" Vitamin metabolism and a suboptimal capacity to manage the oxidative stress, can predispose an individual to diseases such as coronary heart disease, neural tube defects and certain types of cancer.

The DRJ AGE CONTROL – Nutritional Needs Test result will give you specific guidelines based on your genotype in reference to "B" vitamin metabolism and if you need to complement your requirements with supplements to decrease any health risks and complete your metabolic functions.

In DRJ STORE you can find supplements as DNA B SUPPORT, DNA METHYLATION SUPPORT and DNA AGE SUPPORT that could help you in decreasing your overall health risk due to suboptimal metabolic functions.