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DRJ CARDIO CONTROL - Heart Health Test includes:
  • Your Personal Heart Health Test Result
  • Your Personal Heart Health Report
  • Exclusive use of the DRJ member Page:
    • Foods rich in Vitamin D, Calcium and Antioxidants
    • Exercise recommendations
    • Recipes and Nutritional guide
    • Calorie Counter
    • Glycemic Index
    • Body Mass Index Chart
    • News and updates of scientific advances
It’s vital to know if you are at increased risk of heart disease. Learn your specific genetic variations for certain genes that may increase your risk of heart attack.
Overall heart disease risk depends on a number of different factors. Some are environmental and others genetic. Remember your genetic make-up is unique to you. Although it cannot be changed, you could modify how it affects your health. This analysis considers your personal genetic structure and guides you towards solutions that are preventive and, if followed, will enhance your future heart health.

Inflammation is an important component of a number of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease among others. Your genetic test results help to identify your possible tendencies for more or less inflammation. This test analyzes part of your genetic make-up and can be evaluated at any age. Taking preventive steps is the most important decision you can make at this time.

The DRJ CARDIO CONTROL is a heart health test to determine if you carry a genetic make-up that potentially could cause an above average inflammatory response and put you at a higher risk of early heart disease.