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Your DRJ DIET - Weight Management Test includes:
  • Your Personal Weight Management Test Results
  • Your Personal Weight Management Report
  • The exclusive use of the DRJ Member Page:
    • Suggested personal diet programs
    • Exercise recommendations based on your genotype
    • Recipes, specific nutritional recommendation
    • Calorie Counter and Glycemic Index
    • News and updates about the latest scientific advances
  • Updates, suggestions and much more
  • Valuable information on how to improve your lifestyle

There are thousands of diets, but only one that’s right for you.
Lose more weight with a unique, customized diet based on your own DNA.
  • What’s the correct mix of carbohydrates, fats and protein that’s right for you? Which exercise will give you the best result? Scientific studies have shown that those who followed a diet based on their DNA managed to lose more weight with a plan that matched their genetic needs than those following a conventional diet

  • The DRJ DIET - Weight Management Test is an innovative program to lose weight in a very healthy way, personalized and permanent. It’s based on the latest scientific studies, so you can reach your weight management goals. Losing weight the DRJ way may also help you increase good cholesterol (HLD), reduce triglycerides and can help reduce risk of diabetes type 2 and other health risks.
The Weight Management Genetic Test has appeared in "The Today Show", "CBS Morning News", "The Wall Street Journal", "Time Magazine" and many others.