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DRJ OSEO CONTROL – Bone Health Test includes:
  • Your Personal Bone Health Test Results
  • Your Personal Heart Health Report
  • Exclusive use of the DRJ member Page:
    • Foods rich in Vitamin D y Calcium
    • Exercise recommendations
    • Recipes and Nutritional guide
    • Glycemic Index
    • News and updates of scientific advances
There is no cure for osteoporosis and more than half of women over 50 are affected by bone disease. The good news is it’s largely preventable with a DNA-based test, and its guidelines
Find out if you are at genetic risk of low bone mineral density thru your DNA. DRJ OSEO CONTROL - Bone Health Test will tell you if your genetic pattern is associated with low bone density. Recent studies indicate a number of small variations in a specific gene cluster are associated with a rapid rate of bone loss in some women.
You can take simple action now to help prevent bone disease. DRJ OSEO CONTROL will improve your chances of keeping healthy bones for life. Maintaining a healthy body weight with the DRJ DIET - Weight Management Test can also help reduce your risk.
DRJ OSEO CONTROL – Bone Health Test considers healthy eating habits, adequate amounts of Calcium, good level of Vitamin D and living an active life.